It’s pretty crazy when we look back at our lives and see how we were first drawn to something or someone that changed our lives forever. For Worship Leader, Caleb Price, this was during a season of change while studying at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Caleb had just given up hope of his dream to play college basketball, and decided to invest his time in learning to write songs and play the guitar. Like any new musician, Caleb wanted to join his buddies in the worship band at his local church, but they already had two guitars in the band, so a third was not needed.  One day, while talking with the Worship Pastor, he asked, “I heard you play piano, would you be interested in playing with us some time?” Of course, Caleb jumped at the chance of playing with the worship group, even though the extent of his piano playing had been one piano class in college.  Obviously, this led to many long hours of practicing piano. 

God used Caleb’s sin of lying about playing piano to change his heart, passion, and desires to become a worship leader.  He now yearns to lead people in worship and has that hunger to serve God in this capacity.


In late 2011, God opened up an incredible opportunity for Caleb to join the Austin Stone Worship team as an intern/resident. It was there that God grew Caleb’s heart for His people. God began to shape his heart to see what it means to love Jesus in such a way that his only response could be obedience in shepherding bands, students, congregations and making disciples. 

“The Lord has given me an incredible gift in community.  Through a handful of faithful, talented, God-fearing men I have learned that worship is a full life response to who God is and what he has done, past present and future. Worship music is sung theology; every time we lead worship through music or write a song, we are asking God to give us the exact words for His people to connect with Him and to declare the goodness and perfection of who God is and who we are because of what Jesus has done for us on the cross.”

 Since then God has allowed Caleb to lead people in worship in many different places across the globe: SoCal, Texas, Florida, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Spain – both in English and Spanish. Caleb has been leading worship for three years now and considers it a joy, gift and privilege to make music with his incredible friends…living life with them and worshiping our Creator together.