"Desert and Sea EP" - Studio Tracking

Last Sunday, I began to work on recording my first EP titled, Desert and Sea. I am so excited to share these 5 songs with you all. God has been doing some really cool things in my life over the last couple years and with the help of some great friends I've been able to create these songs as a response.

My good friend, Wes Ardis, produced this album and he did a phenomenal job. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a producer, you will not be disappointed. Another great friend, Brady Pettit, engineered the album. He along with Wes are two of the best dudes I know and two of the most talented guys you will ever meet. To say the least, I am extremely grateful for them and their hard work.

The idea behind "Desert and Sea" is simple... I was studying through Matthew Chapter 4 about a year ago with my community group and we began to talk about how it was the Holy Spirit who lead Jesus into the desert. In the same way we will spend the vast majority of our lives in a desert or sea (these could be classified as difficult times, times of suffering or feelings of isolation and loneliness, etc.). If you're not in one now, you will be soon. Haha Don't fret, there is hope for us Christians. The same hope that has pioneered the way for believers throughout the ages...

God is leading you into deserts and seas for his glory and our greatest good. He not only leads us into these stags of life, but he leads us through and he will lead us out. 

One of the most common ways God leads, teaches and loves his people during these seasons is through COMMUNITY. It has been through my community that God has grown, challenged and encouraged me the most. I am forever grateful for these people, near and far. It was only fitting that so many people from my community played such a huge roll in bringing to life my dream and vision for each of these songs. THANK YOU ALL! I love you all more than you will ever know! 

4 days and a total of 55 hrs later, tracking instruments and vocals are done for the EP. Mixing and Mastering are to come. In the mean time here are some great pictures from the past couple days!

I can't wait to share these songs with you! They should be available in the next month or so! My hope for this EP is that people will hear the gospel in every song and be spurred to worship our great King Jesus. He is worthy of all of our praise!